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Turnstile Soundtrack New Good Dye Young ‘Metalheads’ Commercial Featuring Hayley Williams + More

Turnstile Soundtrack New Good Dye Young ‘Metalheads’ Commercial Featuring Hayley Williams + More

There's a definite rock stamp all over the latest commercial from hair color company Good Dye Young, with the company's co-founder Hayley Williams making a cameo with several other musicians and the clip as a whole being soundtracked by Turnstile's new song "Holiday."

The commercial spot is meant to promote the company's new "Metalheads" semi-permanent line that was inspired by classic metallic colors that can be rocked. The dye combines
salon-grade pigments with bergamot essential oil and sunflower extract to create a nontoxic, conditioning formula that creates vibrant color while maintaining hair health. ⁠

The Christina Xing-directed spot centers on the members of a band getting their respective looks in order before heading off to play a party at a club. The members of the group are actually have musical backgrounds, and each are modeling colors from the new "Metalheads" line. Donna Missal, Savila and Reyna Tropical's Fabi Reyna, singer-songwriter Lani Ranaldo, Fever 333 guitarist Stevis Harrison and Surfbort's Dani Miller make up the band while also posing as models in the spot. The commercial also features cameos from the aforementioned Hayley Williams, up-and-coming group The Linda Lindas and Awsten Knight.

"Heavy is the head that bangs. Metal music and the lifestyle within it is nothing less than a culture fueled by raw emotion and self expression. The core of the community is all backgrounds, all ages, all races connecting and rebelling. If hair dye is seen as a form of rebellion and standing out of the crowd then nothing is more metal than dyeing your hair," states a description accompanying the commercial spot.

The "Metalheads" line comes with very distinctively metal names including "Toxicity," "Gravedigger," "KO," "Killswitch" and "Du Hast." Each color is going for $18. Get a closer look at the Good Dye Young website.

Meanwhile, you can catch "Holiday" on Turnstile's newly released album Glow On.

Good Dye Young, "Metalheads" Spot

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