Vio-Lence Reignite ’80s Thrash Metal on ‘Let the World Burn’ Title Track

Vio-lence, the returning Bay Area thrash metal veterans, will release their first new effort in nearly three decades, Let the World Burn, on March 4.

This week, they shared the five-song EP's hammering title track, a fun but ferocious flash to thrash's past with fiery lyrics that could apply to any era.

In other words, get ready to bang your head.

Listen to "Let the World Burn" in the video down near the bottom of this post.

Vio-lence shared the upcoming collection's "Flesh From Bone" last month. In a press release, founding Vio-lence guitarist and former Machine Head member Phil Demmel explained why the band is making their comeback with an EP instead of an LP.

"I didn't want to do a full-length," he said. "I figured three, maybe four [songs], and we settled on five tunes that could really encapsulate what we were doing."

Demmel added, "I went to Metal Blade [Records] and spoke with [label founder] Brian Slagel, saying we wanted to do this with them — we weren't shopping labels, we weren't looking for a bidding war or anything like that, we just wanted to do a record with them, and they were all into it."

In addition to Demmel, lead vocalist Sean Killian and drummer Perry Stickland, Vio-lence currently includes guitarist Bobby Gustafson (ex-Overkill) and bass player Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory).

"Bobby brings experience, he brings song structure, he knows how song structure works and riffs work, and he has ideas," Demmel explained. "Christian is just a monster bass player. He has great musical sense and song structure sense."

Vio-lence haven't released anything since their 1993 third album Nothing to Gain. Their first two efforts, 1988's Eternal Nightmare and 1990's Opressing the Masses, are early examples of classic California thrash.

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Vio-lence, "Let the World Burn"

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