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Voice of Baceprot – Rock + Metal Brings Us Closer to God

Voice of Baceprot – Rock + Metal Brings Us Closer to God

Indonesia’s Voice of Baceprot are one of the most inspiring bands on the planet. The rock and metal trio of girls have risen to prominence not only as stellar musicians, but as advocates for women’s rights and freedom of expression within the Muslim world.

Hot off the release of their newest single, “God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music,” we spoke with the girls via Zoom about their personal struggles, their dreams, the situation in Afghanistan, which bands they want to meet at Wacken 2022 and more.

From getting rocks thrown at them to tirelessly working to obtain their parents’ blessings, Voice of Baceprot proved long ago that they’ll do whatever it takes to play music. “Before my parents gave me their blessing to play in the band, I would always feel anxious whenever I went to a gig or a music festival,” drummer Siti says. “I was afraid they would find out. Once they did give their blessing, I felt more freedom to be able to focus on music and conserve my energy to create music.”

She continues, “I’m sure our parents have been praying for our success and for whatever we do. We can feel it with every good thing that’s come upon us.”

“Like Siti, I had to get a blessing from my parents,” bassist Widi adds. “I actually learned how to play the bass using an acoustic guitar and I performed with one as well. It made it difficult to hone and develop my skills, but I felt proud and confidant while playing it because I imagined I was playing a real bass guitar. I learned how to do slaps on an acoustic guitar, but the string broke.” [laughs]

Speaking about freedom of expression, VOB explained how they choose to balance the limitless nature of rock 'n' roll with the politeness norms of their culture.

“We still must have clear boundaries as well when it comes to politeness norms, but it’s important that we shouldn’t be too obsessed with politeness to the point where we become dishonest with ourselves and other people,” says guitarist / vocalist Marsya. “It’s wrong that the most important thing is to be polite.”

In 2022, Voice of Baceprot will perform at their first international festival — Wacken Open Air. Beyond their excitement to play for such a giant audience, the girls revealed who they hope to meet while backstage at Wacken.

“We are very proud and happy because it’s always been one of our biggest dreams to perform at Wacken Open Air,” Siti raves. “We hope we’ll be able to meet and chat with some of our most favorite bands such as Slipknot, Judas Priest and Limp Bizkit.”

Voice of Baceprot – Rock + Metal Brings Us Closer to God

Watch our full interview with Voice of Baceprot above and be sure to check out “God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music” below.

Voice of Baceprot, "God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music"

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