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Was Fred Durst Wearing a Wig During Limp Bizkit’s Lollapalooza Set?

Was Fred Durst Wearing a Wig During Limp Bizkit’s Lollapalooza Set?

Is Fred Durst wearing a wig?

Going by Limp Bizkit's news-making set at Lollapalooza 2021 and the Bizkit bandleader's recent social media posts, a new "Dad Vibes" Durst look — retro gray locks, cop shades, handlebar mustache, sensible menswear — has replaced the singer's signature Yankees cap of Limp Bizkit's hit-making yesteryear.

Not that Durst had worn the fitted hat much in recent memory. Still, who'd have guessed that, some 20 years later, the onetime MTV star and Chocolate Starfish showstopper would somehow turn his revered and reviled 2000s image in on itself?

It's been tickling music fans since the days leading to the musician debuting his new visage onstage, culminating with the band's energetic Lollapalooza set — but, hey, is that a wig? (It's a wig, right?)

Here's what people are saying about Durst's 'do:

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

While Durst assuredly has the resources to fund hair plugs, yes, that's undoubtedly a wig he's been rocking. Plenty of available images show Durst with a largely hairless dome beneath the caps he often wears, and other images show thinning hair early in his career.

But this is no critique of Durst or his wig — or his hair or lack thereof. It's a response to curiosity about the musician and his apparent hairpiece. At this point, the Limp Bizkit frontman seems to be leaning into the meme and spoofing himself. He probably wouldn't care whether anyone thinks it's a wig or not.

Still, maybe the singer has superpowers and he grew all of his hair back. And now it matches his silver beard that, usually filled out, has been a staple of the musician's look for the past few years.

What's more rooted in reality but perhaps just as fanciful is that Durst has seemingly been circling the "Dad Vibes" idea for quite a long time. Though now deleted or hidden, the Limp Bizkit figurehead once filled his Instagram feed with vintage photos of station wagons, going back to 2016. The pics were nearly always appended with the hashtag #wagonfriendly, something Durst continues to use online.

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

So let the dad vibes commence; let's make it the summer of dad vibes. Durst and his wig have inaugurated a new age — now, even dads with gray wigs can rock the stage at Lollapalooza. (Indeed, Durst is a real-life dad with two kids, the youngest of whom, Dallas, was present at his father's July 31 Lolla gig.)

What do you think of Durst's surreal, meme-worthy comeback with a dad-rock-era Limp Bizkit? Do you think it's a wig? Are you excited to hopefully hear new material from the nu-metal veterans? It's been a long time since hits such as "Rollin'," "Nookie" and others were dominating radio and television.

Going by what Durst said during Bizikit's Lollapalooza gig, the long-awaited Limp Bizkit album once known as Stampede of the Disco Elephants is now titled Dad Vibes, after the title track he played on the speakers to end the show. It would be their first album in 10 years.

Watch Limp Bizkit's full (and much talked about) Lollapalooza 2021 set below. See the band's current United States tour dates with Spiritbox here.

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