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Watch Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Swap Danny Carey’s Mallet for a Sex Toy During Show

Watch Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Swap Danny Carey’s Mallet for a Sex Toy During Show

Practical jokes are frequently a staple for touring rock bands, and during a recent Tool show, Maynard James Keenan got the better of drummer Danny Carey by swapping his gong mallet out with a sex toy mid-performance.

Maynard recently posted a video on his Instagram that gives you a feel for Tool's dynamic while out on the road. The video starts out with him pulling a sex toy out from a bag, then crawling toward drummer Danny Carey, all during a live Tool concert.

As Carey is playing the drums, a mohawk-rocking Maynard stealthily gets behind Carey and grabs his mallet off the ground, and instead holds up a large dildo. The Tool drummer reaches around for his mallet without looking and then grabs the sex toy and hits the gong with it. He then drops the dildo, picks up his drumstick, and continues playing without even batting an eye.

It seems like Carey is probably used to Maynard's antics, as they've both been in Tool since the band started in 1990. Maynard, in the video, then holds up the sex toy and shakes it with delight, all while still seated next to the drumkit. Carey is spotted turning around to look at Maynard while laughing – and still playing the drums.

Even if someone replaces your equipment with a sex toy, the show must go on. Maynard has also been spotted playing Jenga, and the game Operation (and losing due the gong) while sitting by Carey's drumkit. You can watch Maynard swapping out his bandmate's mallet with a sex toy below, which was posted on both Maynard and Tool's Instagram pages.

Watch Tool's Maynard Swap Danny Carey's Mallet With Sex Toy During Show

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