We Went Bigfoot Hunting With Sleep / High on Fire’s Matt Pike

Sleep / High on Fire riff lord Matt Pike has just released his debut solo album, Pike vs. the Automaton. To celebrate another batch of filthy tunes from the stoner metal king, we ventured into the woods to search for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot.

If you watch Pike’s new video for “Alien Slut Mum,” you’ll see that it’s filled with infamous cryptids which may or may not exist. To get a closer look at some of those mysterious creatures, we started off visiting the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium in Portland, Oregon, where we stood toe-to-toe with a life-sized Bigfoot, stuck Pike’s head into an alien autopsy scene and read the riff lord his fortune.

When we asked Pike what his dream cryptid encounter would be, he said, “I’ve already encountered lizard people [but] I’d probably have to say, like a toddler, Bigfoot … I know I’ve been in the forest with Bigfoot. I’ll drive my fuckin’ Jeep in the middle of the woods where there’s no fire road — where it’s terrifying. If you’re in the woods and it gets silent, that means there’s a predator.”

Thankfully, the Peculiarium had just what we needed to make Pike’s dream come true — an official Bigfoot Research Kit. With our kit in hand and a Nature Valley granola bar for bait, we drove deep into the woods of Oregon, planting Bigfoot Evidence flags into Sasquatch scat, crafting traps, hitting our knocking sticks against tree trunks and blasting Bigfoot mating calls into the forest. Pike even readied himself to mate in case our Sasquatch was a female.

Did we finally prove Bigfoot’s existence beyond any shadow of a doubt? You’ll have to watch the video below to find out.


Pike vs. the Automaton is out now! Click here to grab a copy of the new album.

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