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Whitechapel Name Alex Rudinger as New Full Time Drummer

Whitechapel Name Alex Rudinger as New Full Time Drummer

After announcing their new album, Kin, alongside debuting a music video for the first album single, "Lost Boy," deathcore innovators Whitechapel have officially named Alex Rüdinger as their new full time drummer.

For anyone who has followed the band's 15-year career, you are probably well aware that Whitechapel's drummer situation has loosely mirrored the Spinal Tap joke, minus the whole spontaneous combustion bit that plagued the mock group.

Rüdinger is the ninth person to sit behind the kit in Whitechapel, either on a live, studio session or full-time basis (per Metal-Archives) and he had originally signed on as the band's live drummer back in 2019.

The 29-year-old, who previously played in The Faceless, The HAARP Machine, Threat Signal and more, was confirmed to be a fully-fledged Whitechapel member on social media as the band wrote, "Over the past few years our good friend Alex Rüdinger has been filling in the drumming spot for live shows, and we figured what better time than now to welcome him as an official member after his stellar performance on our new album Kin. Give him a warm welcome!"

Kin, Whitechapel's eighth album and first since 2019's The Valley, will be released on Oct. 29 on Metal Blade. Listen to the new song "Lost Boy" here and view the artwork and track listing directly below.

Whitechapel, Kin Album Art + Track Listing

Metal Blade

01. "I Will Find You"
02. "Lost Boy"
03. "A Bloodsoaked Symphony"
04. "Anticure"
05. "The Ones That Made Us"
06. "History Is Silent"
07. "To the Wolves"
08. "Orphan"
09. "Without You"
10. "Without Us"
11. "Kin"

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