Who Needs Space Tourism When There’s Another New Voivod Song ‘Paranormalium’?

Voivod, the long-running tech/prog/experimental metal band from Canada, will release their 15th album, Synchro Anarchy, in February and they've just released the second overall single and album opener, "Paranormalium."

For all their experimentation, Voivod's sound has always remained distinct and uniquely identifiable — off-kilter rhythms, dissonant melodies and the space-warped wail of Denis 'Snake' Bélanger are ever-present. On this latest single, which follows "Planet Eaters," the group engages in a tug-of-war between more extreme-leaning elements, a galloping and a rock-edged swagger with some group chants thrown into the mix as well.

Take a listen further down the page.

Commenting on the nine-track Synchro Anarchy, Voivod's first full length since 2018's The Wake, drummer Michael 'Away' Langevin said, "We are eager to present our latest work, a real collaborative effort. The new album represents countless hours of writing, demoing, recording, mixing and so on. The band and Francis Perron at RadicArt Studio gave their very best to make it happen under unusual circumstances, which led us to call it 'Synchro Anarchy'. We feel that the sound and music are 100 percent VOIVOD, and we hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we had fun making it. We certainly can't wait to play it live."

View the artwork, created by Away, and the full track listing at the bottom of the page. Synchro Anarchy drops Feb. 11 on Century Media and pre-orders can be placed here.

Voivod, "Paranormalium"

Voivod, "Planet Eaters" Music Video

Voivod, Synchro Anarchy Album Art + Track Listing

Century Media

01. "Paranormalium"
02. "Synchro Anarchy"
03. "Planet Eaters"
04. "Mind Clock"
05. "Sleeves Off"
06. "Holographic Thinking"
07. "The World Today"
08. "Quest For Nothing"
09. "Memory Failure"

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