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Will Metallica Write Another ‘Unforgiven’ Song? Hetfield Responds

Will Metallica Write Another ‘Unforgiven’ Song? Hetfield Responds

Would Metallica ever consider writing another “Unforgiven” sequel? That’s a question James Hetfield addressed on a recent episode of The Metallica Report podcast.

The three installments of the song have been spread out across ‘The Black Album’ (1991), Reload (1997) and Death Magnetic (2008), all carrying over similar elements musically and lyrically. The lyrics have all been written by Hetfield and there’s deep, personal meanings behind each of them that reveal self-reflection and vulnerability.

The podcast episode features fan-submitted questions and one asks if the “Unforgiven” trilogy is finished.

“I’m not dead! I’m not dead yet,” Hetfield laughs, “so it’s not finished.”

The Metallica frontman doesn’t forecast when this may happen and even suggests that an “Unforgiven” sequel may never happen. Chalk it up to the classic “never say never” scenario.

“I don’t know if we’re going to have “Unforgiven XII” or not. I don’t know. If I say I know then it’ll be different,” Papa Het continues, again with a laugh before turning more serious in explaining the lyrical differences between the songs.

“‘Unforgiven III’ it’s obviously about self-forgiveness and I didn’t have any of that, especially in the first one. “II” was kind of the middle ground. ‘Unforgiven III’ [was about] ‘How can I forgive you if I can’t forgive myself?’ That is kind of the wrap-up to that,” he says, “but there could be more. I don’t know.”

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Deep Cuts Metallica Want to Play

Elsewhere in The Metallica Report podcast, Hetfield said that there are two deep cuts the band always talks about adding to setlists. Both tracks, “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” and “Dyers Eve” are from Metallica’s most progressive album, …And Justice For All.

“We have played them in the past, and they’ve come up here and there,” he says, “I think it’s just more of a… I don’t know, a talent check with each other? Like, ‘Can you play this song?'”




The New Band Hetfield Is Excited About

The Metallica frontman also mentions Category 7, the new band that he’s really excited about. It’s comprised of metal veterans, including singer John Bush, whose performance blew Hetfield away.

When Papa Het heard the song on the radio, he didn’t know who was in the band and suddenly recognized the voice. So, his initial reaction was unbiased for a moment. I heard one song on the radio and that’s it and it was great. It was really good,” he shares.

Listen to the full Metallica Report podcast episode below.

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