Unveiling WISEMARY’s Explosive Single “Flashbang”: A Blend Of Music & Cinematic Drama

Unveiling WISEMARY’s Explosive Single “Flashbang”: A Blend Of Music & Cinematic Drama

WISEMARY ’s latest single “Flashbang” is a striking fusion of innovative musical elements and vivid storytelling. Lead guitarist Carson Kilo describes an experimental approach to the track, particularly in its versatile groove and walking bass line, crafting a unique blend of heavy and pop music. 

Unlike their other songs heavily influenced by literary figures like Walt Whitman, lead singer Zach Rehagen draws inspiration from cinematic experiences for this one. He likens the turmoil of a dysfunctional relationship to the intensity of a SWAT raid, capturing an explosive argument with dramatic lyrical imagery.

The song serves as a pivotal moment in WISEMARY ‘s upcoming album, marking a dramatic turn in the narrative of young love. It encapsulates the transition from love to resentment, portraying the climax of a once-strong relationship now mired in conflict.

In creating “Flashbang,” was there a particular sound or musical experiment that you hadn’t tried before, but found its way into this track? 

Carson Kilo (lead guitarist): There was definitely an element of experimentation when it comes to the overall groove of the verse, especially the walking bass line. I’ve always been a big fan of things that move and shift in a musical context and I believe that “Flashbang” is able to ride the line between heavy and pop music very well.


For this new single, did you draw from any literary influences or storytelling techniques to shape the story within the song? 

Zach Rehagen (lead singer): Compared to the rest of the album, I’d say this song is relatively light on literary influences. While poets like Walt Whitman and other transcendental figures have had a strong influence on some of my lyrics, “Flashbang” takes more from film and other forms of media. 

I wanted to compare the feeling of being in a dysfunctional, broken relationship to something like a SWAT raid. This person comes into your life, knocks you off of your hinges, and cuts away at your freedom. That really felt like something out of a movie to me. I could see this explosive argument playing out and the goal of my lyrics was to capture that scene.

The arrangement of a track can significantly impact its final feel. Could you share any challenges or breakthrough moments you experienced in arranging “Flashbang”? 

Ryan Litteken (bass guitarist): When we wrote “Flashbang” it all started with the piercing intro riff. Andrew (Martin) then came up with this heavy jazz based drum beat for the verse. The groove between those elements inspired my walking bass line and had a strong influence on Carson and Evan’s pocketed riffs. We finished the instrumental pretty quickly and within a day or two Zach came up with melodies and lyrics that suited the song’s energy and feel perfectly.

Regarding the emotional undertones in “Flashbang,” is there a message or feeling you’re aiming for listeners to take away from it? 

Zach Rehagen (lead singer): I want listeners to feel like they’re a part of this broken relationship. Lyrically this album pulls itself together to tell a story about romance in your early 20s. The excitement, the doubts, the anger. I tried to represent as many perspectives and emotions as possible. 

Regarding “Flashbang,” I really wanted to highlight those negative emotions. We’ve all had relationships that go south and “Flashbang” represents the peak of that. Doors are slamming, wine glasses are flying, and all anybody wants to do is duck and cover. I want fans to listen to the lyrics and feel like they’re watching it play out on screen.


How does the journey described in “Flashbang” tie into the broader thematic narrative of your upcoming album? 

Zach Rehagen (lead singer): Like I mentioned above, our upcoming album follows the story of young love and “Flashbang” shines the spotlight on the ending. We’re past the point of fixing things and love has been replaced by resentment. A relationship that was once strong has now devolved into an explosive mess of insults and contempt. “Flashbang” is essentially the climax of the story, not quite the ending, but a point in which the tone of our story changes dramatically.

Can you discuss any non-musical influences (like film, art, or current events) that have found their way into the soundscape or lyrics of your latest release? 

Zach Rehagen (lead singer): A lot of the lyrical imagery comes directly from scenes in TV, movies, and even video games. “Flashbang” compares the ending of a relationship to a SWAT raid. Whether it’s “Cops,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” or even real life, we’ve all seen images of a group of officers busting in and storming a building. 

I wanted to show how that situation parallels the actions of a “crazy” ex. They show up unannounced, try to find their way back in, and ultimately leave you feeling like a prisoner in your own home. I took a lot of inspiration for this from the more intense relationships my friends and I had been in. I tried to use imagery that could represent both the typical depiction of the revenge seeking ex and the SWAT team blowing down your door.

With the new album on the horizon, what ways are you exploring to connect with your audience beyond the music, such as visuals, live streaming, or interactive experiences?

Evan Gay (guitarist): Lately we’ve been covering some of our favorite songs and putting them up on YouTube, trying to showcase our influences and how we can make a song our own. We’ve also been trying to show off a lot of behind the scenes content that can help fans get a better sense of who we are. 

We really want to form a connection with our fans and show them how much we appreciate the support. It’s all content people can find on our social media pages like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (@wisemaryofficial). We hope y’all enjoy it and keep coming back to keep up with us.

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