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Bruce Dickinson Has Married Fiancé Leana Dolci

Bruce Dickinson Has Married Fiancé Leana Dolci

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has married his fiancé Leana Dolci, according to a new interview the singer did with Kerrang!.

Dickinson revealed that he and Dolci, a French fitness instructor, were engaged in April of this year. It’s unclear exactly when their relationship started, but Daily Mail first reported on the couple back in 2019. In the new conversation with Kerrang!, the vocalist confirmed that they are now married, and that they spend half of their time in Paris and the other half in London.

“I wander round and it all feels a bit bohemian, a bit exotic,” Dickinson said of Paris. “I still love London, but it’s a slightly different headspace when you get [here].”

See an older photo of the couple below.

This is the third time Dickinson has married, following his divorces from Erica “Jane” Barnett in 1986 and then Paddy Bowden a few years ago. The rocker had been with Bowden for roughly 28 years, according to the U.K. publication Mirror. The couple had three children together — Austin and Griffin and Kia. Bowden sadly died in 2020.

Dickinson has a lot to be excited about, though, in addition to his new marriage. He just recently shared the first single from his upcoming album The Mandrake Project titled “Afterglow of Ragnarok.” The Mandrake Project will serve as his first set of solo material since 2005, and will be out March 1. The album can be pre-ordered here now, and will also be accompanied by a series of graphic novels, the first of which will be available on Jan. 17 [via Z2 Comics].

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“Every album I’ve done there’s always been a couple of songs where you’ve gone, ‘Yeah, these aren’t quite doing it for me in the same way,’” Dickinson said of The Mandrake Project to Kerrang!. “There isn’t a single track on this album that I don’t listen to and love. Number of the Beast didn’t even have that. There’s so many classics on that record, but I was always a bit, ‘Well…’ about ‘Invaders’ or something.”

Congrats to one of our favorite metal icons, on his marriage as well as all of his upcoming endeavors.

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