Get Behind Scary Jeri’s Exciting EP The Road

Get Behind Scary Jeri’s Exciting EP The Road

The American alt-pop indie artist and producer Scary Jeri has released a hit EP titled The Road. The collection involves 3 tracks titled “The Road,” “Gunslinger,” and “Run Wild.” She also released a vivid music video for “The Road,” harboring a melancholic indie feel.

Each and every track is packed with lyrical intensity and musicality. She is known for ability to blend together different musical styles to create hit wonders. Swerving from alternative to pop, and indie music, Scary Jeri is offering a more relaxed outlet for mental health advocacy.

Her time in music is not spent unnoticed. With 13 years of learning piano, and impeccable guitar talents as well as her songwriting, the artist was ready and armored to take over the music scene.

The intensity of the tunes and lyrics pairs quite nicely with her pure vocals.