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Limp Bizkit + Fans Pay Tribute to Joey Jordison

Limp Bizkit + Fans Pay Tribute to Joey Jordison

Limp Bizkit took a short moment during their Iowa gig last night to pay tribute to Joey Jordison. After the crowd began to chant the late Slipknot drummer’s name, Fred Durst said some words about appreciating each day.

Limp Bizkit are currently touring with Spiritbox for one of the most bizarre and epic bills of 2021. On Aug. 2, the tour stopped by Clive, Iowa — roughly an hour away from Slipknot’s home base of Des Moines.

“Slipknot’s from somewhere around here, aren’t they?” Fred Durst said to the crowd, who began to chant “Joey! Joey! Joey!”

“Rest in peace, let’s hear it,” Durst said. “That’s beautiful. Life is short and it’s always fleeting so, man, let’s just remember all we are is right now. Let’s make the most of it, let’s make it fucking awesome. You never know, man. You never never never know.”

Watch Limp Bizkit and the band’s fans pay tribute to Joey Jordison below. [via MetalSucks]

Limp Bizkit, Joey Jordison Tribute – Clive, Iowa – 8/02/2021

Slipknot and Limp Bizkit experienced a short feud two decades ago when Fred Durst allegedly called Slipknot fans “a bunch of fat, ugly kids.” According to Corey Taylor, an anonymous rock star tipped him off about Durst’s words. Limp Bizkit later played on the 2014 edition of Knotfest Japan, hinting that the two bands had buried the hatchet.

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