AKITA To Release Upcoming LP For The Night Featuring “The Way It Is”

AKITA To Release Upcoming LP For The Night Featuring “The Way It Is”

Fast-rising funk band, AKITA, has recently unveiled their latest single, “The Way It Is” from their forthcoming album, For The Night. This new release is a result of a collaborative effort from all seven members, with Charlie, the group’s saxophonist, contributing the song’s theme and Ade, the lead singer, writing the lyrics. 

“The Way It Is” serves as a reflection of the intricate complexities of the world and establishes the tone for their forthcoming LP. The band intends to explore new musical landscapes while maintaining their unique funk sound. AKITA explains that the creative process for this release was more deliberate, with a keen focus on the lyrics and finely-crafted musical layers.

The group’s music is characterized by their layered sound, which is complemented by new elements in their upcoming record. The band spent double the time on this album than on their previous releases, Go! and After Party. The LP will feature three new musicians, marking the first time the group has included additional members. According to the members, this was a smart decision and has contributed positively to their music.

AKITA’s For The Night, showcases the band’s growth and distinct sound, paying homage to legendary artists while incorporating contemporary musical elements. The album’s title track takes inspiration from Earth, Wind & Fire’s lively dance energy, while “Tiger Claw” channels Lettuce’s influence. The recent single, “The Way It Is” has generated excitement and anticipation for the album’s release, promising to exceed fans’ expectations with its perfect fusion of classic funk and modern sounds.

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