Ky Richy Premieres A New Music Video For “Matador” Ft. Lovoe

Ky Richy Premieres A New Music Video For “Matador” Ft. Lovoe

Following the music video for “Got Me,” the Hip Hop artist Ky Richy surprises fans with new visuals for his 2021 single “Matador,” featuring Lovoe. The Bay area rapper has been unstoppable lately with his back-to-back releases and recent album No Sad Faces.

Directed by Keith Avila and shot by El D LA CAMARA, the clip is set at a ranch full of bulls and goats. Ky Richy and Lovoe stand in the middle of the field, delivering some hardcore rap and transmitting their fierce energy onto the screen. The harmony between the two is undeniable as they take turns reciting the strong verses.

Ky Richy carefully curates the themes of his albums and records. The multi-instrumentalist loves to be involved and prefers to add his contribution to all aspects of the creative process, “Thinking about possible cover artwork, music video ideas, or even just the feeling or mood that the song brings me while listening to it really gets me inspired to create! I like to jam on my guitar, keys, bass, or even just sing different melodies.”

The 10-track record No Sad Faces was created during the pandemic. Richy reveals that he was feeling a bit lost, but kept creating through the uncertainties of time, “I look at No Sad Faces as a rebirth to my artistry, giving new life to the Ky Richy brand, and setting us up for amazing projects to come!”

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