‘s . The rapper found himself in a middle a lawsuit filed by after her *** tape leaked and Fif shared a screencap it on his Instagram page. As the revenge *** continued, the judge  and awarded him $30K in attorney fees. This was at the beginning 2019.

p>Fif’s been trying to hound down Mari in order to collect his money, even demanding that she pays penalties for taking so long. According to new documents obtained by The Blast, Fif returned to court to accuse Mari shrugging f her court battle and withholding financial information such as her paychecks from VH1.

Fif filed new documents demanding the judge grant his motion to pay an additional $5,295.60 in sanctions on top the $30K that’s already owed. “To date, Mari has failed to pay a single dime to Jackson in satisfaction the Judgment despite earning over $100,000 this past year. Her previous claims under oath that she is “broke” no longer ring true, and it is more clear than ever that she has no intention paying her debts,” he said in court documents. He added that she’s  “actively conceal her assets and prevent” him from receiving the money owed. 

A judge has yet to rule on the motion.