has made clear that his heart isn’t in music at the moment, aside from when he’s . , the member said, “I haven’t been making much music, man. My focus is not there, my confidence is not there. I tinker.. I tinker a lot. Like I would just go to my piano and just sit my iPhone down and record what I’m doing. Move my fingers around. I haven’t been motivated enough to make a serious project.” 

Andre’s artistic inclinations seem to be pulling him towards acting instead. He will appear in AMC’s forthcoming mystery series, Dispatches From Elsewhere, which premieres on March 1. The show is created and executive produced by Jason Segel, who also stars in it alongside Sally Field, Lindley and Richard E. Grant. AMC’s ficial description  Dispatches From Elsewhere reads: 

“The ten-hour series is centered around four ordinary people who feel there’s something missing in their lives, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. This diverse foursome is brought together by chance – or perhaps it’s by design – when they stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil everyday life. As they begin to accept the mysterious ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’ challenges, they come to find that the mystery winds deeper than they imagined, and their eyes are opened to a world possibility and magic.”

In the trailer, you can get a glimpse Andre Benjamin in his role as Fredwyne, one the four “ordinary people” that gets caught up in the puzzle. The legendary rapper has showed f his acting skills in the 2013 Jimi Hendrix biopic, Jimi: All Is By My Side, and 2006’s Idlewild