interviews are gifts that keep on giving. For over a week, VladTV has been releasing bits and pieces from his full Boosie interview, and on Thursday he returned with the rapper’s take on ‘s drama. We’ve all watched as Apryl Jones, Omarion’s ex and the mother his two children,. Apryl and Fizz have put their relationship on display for the world on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, causing the couple to come under heavy scrutiny.

Boosie Badazz Admires How Omarion Handled Apryl & Fizz, Calls Him A "Street N*gga"
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Omarion recently sat down with Vlad and told him that he doesn’t have any feelings about Apryl and Fizz’s new relationship, and if they’re happy, then he’s happy for them.  as a solo act, leaving his B2K groupmates behind. Since everyone else has weighed in on the drama, we might as well hear what Boosie has to say about it.

To begin, Boosie said if he found out that any one his boys was now dating his baby mama, he’d believe they’d been having a ***ual relationship for years, whether or not it was true. “He wrong, bruh,” Boosie said Fizz. “You know why? I f*ck with Fizz, but I feel like he wrong because y’all made history together. Real history together. You on reality TV. N*gga, your DMs full, n*gga I ain’t respect that.”

“I live by other sh*t,” Boosie added. “That’s just like, somebody go to jail, y’all best friends, y’all made history together, and you start f*ckin’ his baby mama. That ain’t cool on a level, I feel. , but I just feel like that ain’t cool. Rappers and artists have a select when it come to women. That’s B2K. He could have got any b*tch.”

Boosie added that he “would have done the same thing Omarion did” and cut B2K from the tour. “I’m definitely not gonna help you make no money, no kinda way, never again,” Boosie continued.  how he ran that. That n*gga looked like a street n*gga. That n*gga was calm, cool and collected. That’s a street n*gga saying, ‘Imma get the last laugh.'” Check out his clip below.