The cannabis industry continues to grow as more and more states legalize the recreational use the plant. But still, there are a lot states where cannabis isn’t legal. Idaho is among those states but with Oregon right next to them, it seems that many are traveling a bit further to get their hands on some green.

Cannabis Sales At Oregon-Idaho Border Jump 420% Above Average
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According to CNN, the Oregon Office Economic Analysis have reported that sales along the border Oregon and Idaho have seen a tremendous jump in sales. Appropriately enough, they said that the sales along the border are up 420% above average markets. Josh Leshner, OEA economist, assured everyone that the numbers are in fact real. “In things you cannot make up, Oregon sales per adult along the Idaho border are 420% the statewide average,” he said.

This doesn’t entirely mean that consumption has gone up in Oregon. Leshner said that it could also be from anyone who’s traveling further away or people from Oregon who are making their way through the Stateline.

Roughly 75% marijuana sales in Oregon and 35% sales in Washington along borders seem to be due to the border effect.

Obviously recreational marijuana is not legal in Idaho, but even after throwing the data into a rough border tax model that accounts for incomes, number retailers, tax rates and the like, there remains a huge border effect,” he wrote.