DaBaby Detained By Police In Miami

DaBaby Detained By Police In Miami

Grammy-nominated star DaBaby was detained on Thursday (Jan. 2) by the Miami Police Department for questioning in connection to a robbery that occurred earlier in the day.  

After the North Carolina MC hosted a New Year’s event with Diddy and DJ Khaled in Miami Beach on Wednesday (Jan. 1), footage began circulating on social media Thursday afternoon displaying the 28-year-old born Jonathan Kirk being placed in handcuffs by police. The Miami Herald reports he wasn’t charged with anything related to the robbery. 

In a police report obtained by Billboard, DaBaby engaged in a verbal skirmish with two men, one being a music promoter, regarding a $30,000 appearance fee for an event slated for later on that day. After Baby noticed that the promoter was $10,000 short, he allegedly punched one of them and attacked the other man along with his team.

According to the report, members of Baby’s team allegedly ransacked the victim’s pockets, taking an IPhone 7, a Bank of America credit card and approximately $80 in cash, while the other man fled the scene for his safety. Along with the alleged fight, the victim claims that he was doused with apple juice by one of Baby’s entourage members. 

Detectives relayed to the Miami Herald that they opted to keep Baby in custody after learning of his warrant in Texas stemming from a previous battery charge. Baby’s bond was set at $1500 and he is expected to appear in front of a judge on Friday (Jan. 3). 

This is the second time in the last two weeks that DaBaby was taken into police custody. He was arrested on Dec. 23 in Charlotte, N.C. for marijuana possession. 

Billboard reached out to DaBaby’s team for comment.