It looks as thought the newest couple in the game is and 27-year-old DJ, Chantel Jeffries. The duo was relaxing in Tulum, Mexico and made their relationship public when they both uploaded Instagram stories them caressing each other and spending time together in the tropics. One image Chantel uploaded to her feed sees her posing in a bikini on her bed with the last image showing Diplo putting in work as the photographer.  

“V chill & ready to hear good music tn,” she captioned the post. Diplo has two children with his ex Kathryn Lockhart who he ended things with before he began dating in 2014. Chantel has been linked to , NFL player DeSean Jackson, NBA players Jordan Clarkson and Kyrie Irving as well as and . 

Chantel’s supposed fling with Justin conspired reports that she was shopping around a story on their love affair for $20K. At the time, Chantel denied such events and she claimed that they never dated at all. 

“Chantel’s attorney and I received multiple appearance requests for Chantel, as you can imagine,” a spokesperson said on her behalf at the time

“None were for compensation – especially not $20,000. None were accepted. The Today Show was the only one that was being even remotely considered, and they do not pay for their news. As I said, no appearance requests were ever accepted.”