We’re approaching the one-year anniversary since Leaving Neverland shocked the world and reignited speculation into accusations that Michael Jackson ***ually abused young children. The HBO documentary starred James Safechuck and Wade Robson who sat down to give gruesome details into what they alleged was inappropriate behavior by their friend Michael Jackson. The new allegations reverberated throughout the entertainment world and to be removed from television shows, radio stations, museums, and award ceremonies.

Michael Jackson's Accusers Allowed To Sue Late Icon's Companies
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Wade and Safechuck have been in a legal battle as they’ve been trying to gain permission from a judge to sue Michael Jackson’s companies, and on Friday  just the news they were hoping for. Back in 2016, the two men were disappointed after their case against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures was dismissed due to California’s statute limitations, but a new law was passed since then, allowing Wade and Safechuck to reintroduce their cases.

Vince Finaldi, Robson’s attorney, told PEOPLE, ‘We’re pleased the court appeal has recognized California’s strong protections for ***ual abuse victims and extended time to file their claims.” He added, “We look forward to continuing litigation and proving these claims to a jury,” Finaldi says. “The time is going to come when Michael Jackson’s estate and lawyers are going to have to answer for all these false statements and misrepresentations and we look to that being in front a jury.”

Now, all Robson and Safechuck’s legal teams have to do is prove to the judge and jury that executives and those in charge Michael Jackson’s businesses were aware the alleged abuse against them that supposedly took place decades ago. It seems like an uphill battle against the late music icon who passed away in 2009, but both men are prepared to face a trial.