‘s out here doing numbers — that you cannot deny. The Toronto-bred rapper is the biggest star on the planet and anytime he decides to drops new music, it’s a bonafide hit. I mean, he even boasted in 2018 that he  and 

Perhaps a tattoo the Glee cast might be underway next. As the rapper reached his 207th Hot 100 entry with ‘s “Life Is Good,” which debuted at #2, Drake is now neck-in-neck with Glee cast for most Hot 100 entries in the chart’s existence. Like any accomplishment, Drake took a moment to acknowledge the milestone on Instagram simply saying, “One more to go. Gleeful.” He shared this following a screenshot the news.

There’s no doubt at this point that he won’t exceed Glee’s record already. In fact, if “War” was up for streaming, he probably would’ve surpassed them already. However, he does seem to be plotting on a new album in the foreseeable future. The rapper did seem to be in album mode towards the end 2019. There , although there hasn’t been any solid indication a sequel to their joint project arriving yet.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news Drizzy Drake.