This – beef doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, but both parties are upping the ante as the days roll on. Fif has been trolling Montana ever since the “No Stylist” rapper shared that he’d recently purchased a 2008 Bugatti. The luxury whip reportedly set him back almost two million dollars, was so excited about flexing a 12-year-old car.

We’ve all bore witness to the back and forths that have ensued over the last few days, and on Friday, Fif turned up his troll-o-meter. Gossip began to  accounts to increase his streaming numbers, and 50 Cent didn’t waste any time going after the rapper. “Boy you better start explaining ?RIGHT NOW!!!,” he wrote, 

Montana clapped back with a video saying that he would make a diss record against Fif if he thought 50 Cent was hot right now, but because he’s “Christmas in Alaska,” he won’t. Then, Montana took some verbal shots at Fif’s teeth, called him an “unwavy creature,” told him to stop buying his streams, and then dropped the bomb. 

“Aye, 5-0, I got another thing for you, too,” Montana said. “I got that girl that ate your booty hole when you was writing that Power script for five hours. Stay tuned.” A few days ago, the infamous groupie Celina Powell uploaded a video to her YouTube where she shared a story her ***ual encounter with 50 Cent. She also claims that she “ATE THE RAPPER 50 CENTS… WITH PROOF” and included It’s unclear if that’s who French Montana is referring to, but we’re sure he’ll let us know sooner than later. Check it all out below.