After taking a few days f to celebrate the New Year, and are back at each other’s throats. . Considering he also joined the Bugatti club this holiday season, 50 Cent went ahead and clowned his fellow New York star for allegedly buying an older model the vehicle. . French Montana decided to find his own ammo on Fif, unearthing an old photo that appears to show the rapper and engaging in a lip-locked moment.

“BACK TO BACK AGAINNNNN WHOS THAT 59,” yelled Montana in his caption, sharing the photo on his social media channels. “COULDNT EVEN GET A BUGGATTI AFTER THAT DINOSAUR, look at my dawg Kay slay face lol.”

French is referring to , who stands in the corner the shot looking bothered by the alleged embrace happening right next to him. The two men in the picture are unidentified and seen from the side so it’s not certain that it’s actually Em and Fif. However, you can’t deny that the two men look like the rap legends. The era makes sense too.

Where do you see this heading next?