An undefeated pressional record. Twenty-three wins. Twenty-two knockouts. Gervonta Davis has worked overtime for his successes in this last decade and it’s undeniable that is the present, and future, pressional boxing. The 25-year-old fighter’s star hasn’t even reached its peak and he’s already an international, champion superstar. His name may get itself entangled in headlines or because but when it comes to going hard in the ring, Tank doesn’t mess around.

 last weekend in Atlanta, Gervonta shared a photo himself as he looked bruised and battered. In the caption, the boxer shared an inspirational message with hopes that it will motivate others to chase after their dreams in the new year.

“Wear my war wounds proudly,” Tank wrote. “I did the unthinkable I came from nothing I beat the odds..I did what most scared to do and that’s take a chance not knowing where it will take me…a lot ya hold ourselves back from our bright future because our past…I made it this far f heart and not giving a fuck! 3x Champion 2 weight classes #TheONE.” Check it out below.