At the beginning this year, there was that viral Internet trend the #10YearChallenge. People shared photos that documented their evolutions across a ten-year span. , forever existing above the status quo, refused to participate in the challenge. Actually, she participated, but insisted on rewriting the rules. She posted a split-screen two identical photos, explaining that she didn’t “get this 10 year challenge” since “time is not something she acknowledges].” She merely conceded that the picture was “taken at some point prior to today.” 

Since this iconic moment, it has become a running gag that Miss Carey lives beyond the bounds time and has inspired many to adopt her philosophy. Yesterday, Mariah Carey reasserted her infinite nature when reacting to the fact that she has become the first artist in history to have No. 1 songs on Billboard‘s Hot 100 in four distinct decades. If you’re wondering how she achieved this feat before we have even entered 2020, it’s because January 1st is tomorrow and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will be sitting pretty at the top the chart until the end the week.
Carey rejoiced along with her fans, but she had a quick question about this milestone. “Yaaaaaaaaay!!! WE. DID. IT. But…. what’s a decade?,” she tweeted with with a bunch celebratory emojis. Honestly Mariah, I have no idea. I don’t acknowledge time. Does anyone else have an explanation?