She already but Jhené Aiko returns to open up even more with Ebro Darden. The singer’s recently released album is a hit amongst fans, and Jhené chit-chatted about the record and expressing herself musically in ways that she’d never done on previous projects.

Jhené Aiko "Never Like Her Face" & Talks "Legendary" Nas Collab
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“Growing up, I was always,” the singer admitted. “I don’t know, I just never liked my face. That was one the things I dealt with when I was younger. I couldn’t look at pictures myself. I hated video shoots, photoshoots, all those things. I almost thought that I had that thing, what is it, body dismorphia] disorder where you just like see yourself very distorted when you look at yourself. Basically, I’m just not in that place anymore.”

There were plenty noteworthy additions to Chilombo including , , , , Dr. Chill, , , and Speaking her Nas feature, Jhené shared that all the Chilombo tracks were already full songs before she added any other artists. “I just wanted it to be this full-bodied piece work,” she said. “, ‘I don’t need features. I can do a song by myself and it can be tight with] just me.'”

“But then it’s like, the element collaborating with people and coming together,” Jhené continued. “I did the full complete song and was like, ‘This beat reminds me—I hear Nas on it.’ He came, I talked to him about the song and what I meant with certain things and he went in and killed it… It was legendary.. Wow. Sounding just like Nas.” She also added that if she was “solely” a rapper—because she dropped a few bars on Chilombo—Jhené said, “I would be Ab-Soul.” Check out Jhené Aiko and Ebro Darden below along with her “10k Hours” collaboration with Nas.