Joyner Lucas Drops “24 Hours to Live” from Upcoming Album ‘Not Now, I’m Busy’

Joyner Lucas Drops “24 Hours to Live” from Upcoming Album ‘Not Now, I’m Busy’

Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas has unveiled his latest single, “24 Hours to Live,” a compelling addition to his forthcoming album, Not Now, I’m Busy.

In this track, Joyner Lucas delves into a thought-provoking scenario where he has just one day left to live. Through his lyrics, he paints a vivid picture of what he would do in his final hours, with lines like “take all his sh*t and then steal his identity” and “slap any hater that showed any jealousy.”

As the song progresses, he rides the beat while questioning what others might do in a similar predicament. With his signature style, he asks, “would you go crazy because of it? Kill every n***a you holdin’ a grudge against?.” The track concludes with audio of a doctor delivering the same grim news, only for it to be revealed as a misdiagnosis, injecting a touch of humor.


“24 Hours to Live” is the latest in a series of releases from Joyner, including standout songs like “Seventeen,” “Broski,” “Cut U Off (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again),” “What’s That?,” and “Devil’s Work Part 2.”

Joyner Lucas’s previous album, “ADHD,” made a significant impact, debuting in the Top-10 of the Billboard 200, earning RIAA gold certification, and sparking vital discussions about mental health while setting a new benchmark for success among independent artists.

You can hear the new release below.