Killer Mike Triumphs at BET Awards, Releases New Single “HUMBLE ME” Reflecting on Grammy Arrest

Killer Mike Triumphs at BET Awards, Releases New Single “HUMBLE ME” Reflecting on Grammy Arrest

Killer Mike’s career has continued to ascend over the past decade, but one specific day has dominated conversations recently. On Feb. 4th, Mike won all three Grammy awards he was nominated for, including Rap Album of the Year for his solo album MICHAEL. However, his celebration was abruptly cut short when he was arrested at the awards show, sparking widespread speculation about the incident and its impact on him.

Today, with the release of his new single “HUMBLE ME,” Mike is ready to share his perspective on that fateful day. The song is accompanied by an artful and understated video that visually represents Mike’s journey. In the video, he is stripped of his outward symbols of success piece by piece before being placed in handcuffs. The closing shot shows Mike and Pony Boy embracing, symbolizing their reunion after facing numerous tribulations. Mike describes the video’s love-filled, triumphant ending as “a visual testament to that night and God’s glory in writing mine and Pony’s story.”

The video premiered across multiple platforms, including BET Jams, BET Soul, MTV Live, MTVU, Yo! MTV, and on the Paramount Times Square billboards.


The single’s release coincides with Mike’s return to the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles, the site of his arrest, for last night’s BET Awards, where MICHAEL was crowned Album of the Year. The celebration was heightened by recent news that prosecutors from the LA City Attorney’s office will not file charges against Mike for the February incident.

As “HUMBLE ME” reveals, the challenges of the past months have fueled Mike’s creativity. Fans can look forward to a new body of work this summer that will provide an epilogue to the MICHAEL era and resolve the speculation surrounding the events of Feb. 4th.