MC Lyte Joined by Queen Latifah to Celebrate Black Men with New Single “King King”

MC Lyte Joined by Queen Latifah to Celebrate Black Men with New Single “King King”

In a powerful collaboration just in time to close out Black Music Month, Hip-Hop legends MC Lyte and Queen Latifah have released a new single titled “King King.” The track showcases their musical prowess and delivers a heartfelt tribute to Black men, celebrating their resilience and strength.

Produced by the talented Nottz and Grammy Award-winning Warryn Campbell, “King King” is poised to become a summer anthem. The song opens with MC Lyte’s signature lyrical brilliance, praising the journey and dedication of men who overcome challenges to embrace love and responsibility. With lines like “I see you here doing your thing king,” Lyte’s verses resonate deeply, offering a rare musical acknowledgment of Black men’s positive roles in their families and communities.

The chorus features MC Lyte and Queen Latifah harmonizing, “It’s your crown, hold it / Even if the world falls down, show it,” emphasizing the importance of self-confidence and resilience in the face of adversity. This collaboration between two iconic figures in Hip-Hop brings a powerful message of unity and strength.


“There has never been an anthem like this that celebrated men who are committed to their families,” MC Lyte explains. “It’s about time we recognize them as Kings who deserve praise for their guidance and protection.” This sentiment is especially poignant as Black Music Month draws to a close, providing a fitting tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of Black men.

“King King” is distributed by Vydia and is set to make waves in the music industry. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms on June 28th. This dynamic collaboration promises to be a standout track of the season, delivering a message of empowerment and respect for all listeners.

Beyond her music, MC Lyte continues to thrive in various ventures, including voiceover work and empowerment conferences. Her career, spanned decades, has set a benchmark for male and female MCs, making her a pivotal figure in Hip-Hop. MC Lyte remains a source of inspiration, demonstrating her versatility and influence in the entertainment industry.

Queen Latifah, an icon in her own right, brings her unique blend of strength and grace to “King King,” making the collaboration even more impactful. Together, they celebrate the essence of Black manhood, providing a much-needed anthem that honors their contributions and sacrifices.

“King King” invites listeners to recognize and celebrate the kings in their lives, acknowledging their struggles and triumphs. As the summer progresses, this track is set to become a staple in playlists, reminding everyone of the importance of love, commitment, and family.

The release of “King King” marks another milestone in MC Lyte’s illustrious career. Known for her powerful voice and impactful lyrics, she has paved the way for many artists and continues to inspire with her work. Her involvement in voiceovers and conferences further cements her as a versatile and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Queen Latifah’s participation in “King King” adds depth to the track. Her career, marked by numerous music, acting, and production achievements, complements MC Lyte’s powerful message. Together, they have created a song that entertains, uplifts and empowers.

For those looking to immerse themselves in this celebration of Black excellence, “King King” is available on all major streaming platforms. You can also see MC Lyte at a show nearest you. Her list of current dates is available here.