The public is aware that was arrested for lying about being a convicted felon on an application to purchase a gun, however, it appears as though he was actually nabbed on a little-known technicality according to his lawyer.

Bradford Cohen, the legal representative for Florida rapper Kodak Black, has been providing  in prison for the last few days. He admitted that his client was sentenced to an  because an outstanding case in New York, and now he’s commenting on the unfairness his most recent case in Miami.

Kodak Black's Lawyer Uncovers Flaws In His Case
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“Miami Dade Police arrested Mr Kapri, held him in their station, took pictures him like an animal in handcuffs and sent them to a reporter, in violation his rights, yet never served him with the state warrant they had sitting on their desk. Why you may ask? Well the communications that I will be sharing speak volumes,” started Cohen.

“They wanted to make sure they ‘stacked’ his sentence. That is why they waited and never even put a detainer on him, before he was shipped to Kentucky. They want to attempt to wait as long as they can to get him here. What is the other issue with the case besides his rights being violated, an attempt to skirt speedy trial rules and the current state the law? There are issues with the actual case itself,” he added before dropping a bombshell.

“Kodak was never a convicted felon. The Miami Dade State Attornry is charging him with a very obscure law, that most defendants dont know about. The law states that if you have a juvenile charge that was a felony, no matter if adj or not, you cannot possess a firearm until you are 24 years old. Now Federal has no such law, and if you walked into a gun store they could sell you a firearm and they would have no idea about the law, because it isn’t a question asked on the federal form. Should that be changed? I believe so, another issue a gun loophole, that no State Attorney wishes to change, because it helps them charge individuals that dont know about the law.”

All this to say: FREE KODAK. Read the full post below.