As this moment, every single  and beat Coronavirus, once and for all. It’s hard to think about anything other than public health right now but at the end the day, jobs are being affected and this crisis could last quite a long time. With this in mind, there is a real possibility that the NBA could completely cancel its season.

If this were to happen, . According to Eric Pincus Bleacher Report, LeBron would have to give up $400,000 USD per game lost due to the canceled season. With 19 games left, he would have to fork over $7.6 million which is a whole lot money.

LeBron James Could Lose Millions If NBA Season Canceled

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Per Bleacher Report:

“If games are canceled, the league can deduct approximately 1.1 percent for each lost contest (including about 5.6 playf games per team). For a high-paid All-Star like LeBron James, he’d be on the hook for over $400,000 per game.

While players typically receive their final paycheck Nov. 1, months after the season ended, a select few have accelerated pay schedules, including James. By force majeure, James would need to “promptly pay the difference directly” to the Los Angeles Lakers.”

This would certainly be a worst-case scenario for everyone involved and hopefully, it never gets that far.