LeBron James may be the most athletic basketball player the last two decades, but it appears that he was snubbed as an 8th grader. As reported by ESPNa photo James’ eighth-grade yearbook resurfaced on Twitter and went viral. In the photo, Virgil Robinson was named as the most athletic kid in the class. To make matters worse, James’ first name was misspelled and placed under the wrong photo. The yearbook had to publish an apology.  

LeBron’s high school teammate at the time, Travis, stood up for Robinson, who went on to play football at Bowling Green. “Virgil was the most athletic at the time. He played 3 sports,” he argued. James responded with a since-deleted tweet which was littered crying and laughing emojis. “Man knock it f Rome! … I don’t care if he played 1 million sports, wasn’t more athletic than me in 8th grade,” he struck back.  CJ McCollum decided to jump into the debate himself, tweeting, “We can’t just take y’all word . We need to hear from Virgil.” It’s nice that James decided to be humble and delete the tweet, but it would have been entertaining to watch the debate unfold further. James recently celebrated his 35th birthday and is entering his third decade in the NBA in 2020.