With the year and decade coming to an end, millions people are sharing lessons they’ve learned over the last 10 years. Social media is crawling with before and after side-by-side photos   this time back in 2009, including many celebrities whose lives have drastically changed after being bitten by the bug fame.

Lizzo previously took the time to share how far she’s come following her Saturday Night Live performance, writing on social media that she was once a sign spinner for Liberty Taxes. On Tuesday, and added her own. “2009 was the year my daddy died. 2009 was the year I lived in my car & cried myself to sleep on thanksgiving,” she wrote. “2019 is the year my album & song went #1. . Anything can happen in a decade. Tomorrow is the beginning ur Anything.”

Aside from her motivational message, Lizzo also showed f her red hot New Year’s look and suggested that she was planning on showing out. “Finna go Lizzo and show my whole ass tonight ?,” she wrote. Check out her posts below.