‘s Twitter has been hacked. Over 50 tweets were published before the page was temporarily shut down and the tweets were deleted. Still, the damage was done. At 6:30 PM ET, Mariah Carey’s account tweeted ” can still hold this pu**y..” The hackers were obviously trying to stir the Eminem/Mariah Carey/ pot. Not too long after the first tweet, the hackers sent out another Eminem targetted message. “Eminem has a little penis” the account tweeted. After the initial jabs at the rapper, the hackers got bolder and began spewing out all types garbage. 

“As soon as we were made aware the issue, we locked the compromised account and are currently investigating the situation,” a Twitter spokesperson told USA Today. Several the hacked tweets told users to follow third-party accounts and some posts also referenced the hacking group Chuckling Squad. The Chucking Squad also took credit for hacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account back in the Summer 2019. “He was a member Chuckling Squad but not anymore,” said a Chuckling Squad leader who goes by the name Debug. “He was an active member for us by providing celebs/public figure phone] numbers and helped us hack them.”