Nas on Working with Hit-Boy for Six Albums: ‘It’s Gratifying, A Feeling of Accomplishment’

Nas and Hit-Boy have concluded their two rap trilogies but that doesn’t mean there won’t be collaborations in the future. Speaking in a clip shared on Instagram, Nas stated he now knows he could return to create more together.

“For me, there’s an emotional moment because to complete something beyond what you thought you were even working on, we didn’t know we’d do six albums,” said Nas. “So to be at this point, it’s satisfying, it’s gratifying, it’s a feeling of accomplishment on another level for myself as an MC, and I’m lucky enough to work with some of the greatest producers in the world.”

In a monumental celebration of his 50th birthday, Nas, the iconic wordsmith of Hip-Hop, gifts the world with the grand finale of a remarkable trilogy – “Magic 3.” This magnum opus, brought to life by Nas’ longtime collaborator and production maestro, Hit-Boy, comprises 15 brand-new tracks. As the final chapter in their legendary partnership, “Magic 3” solidifies the duo’s status as one of Hip-Hop’s most prolific and dynamic pairings.


This project marks the sixth album crafted by Nas and Hit-Boy in just three years, following their previous triumphs in the “Magic” series. The saga began with “Magic” dropping on Christmas Eve in 2021, followed by the explosive release of “Magic 2” this past July, featuring heavyweight collaborators like 50 Cent and 21 Savage.

What makes “Magic 3” even more extraordinary is that it lands on Nas‘ 50th birthday, aligning perfectly with the golden jubilee of Hip-Hop itself.

True to his word, Nas teased fans with a cryptic video captioned “The Finale” on his social media, leaving the Hip-Hop community in anticipation. The official announcement of “Magic 3” arrived on September 12th, 2023, adding to the mystique surrounding this project.

Throughout their collaborative journey, Nas and Hit-Boy have gifted fans well over 70 tracks, featuring remarkable guest appearances from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, and The Firm. Their exceptional streak of high-quality music has undeniably etched its name into the annals of Hip-Hop history, leaving fans wondering about Nas’ next move in his illustrious career.

As we eagerly dive into “Magic 3,” here’s a glimpse of the tracklist, promising a sonic journey like no other:

1. “Fever”

2. “TSK”

3. “Superhero Status”

4. “I Love This Feeling”

5. “No Tears”

6. “Never Die” Feat. Lil Wayne

7. “Pretty Young Girl”

8. “Based On True Events”

9. “Based On True Events Pt. 2”

10. “Sitting With My Thoughts”

11. “Blue Bentley”

12. “Jodeci Member”

13. “Speechless Pt. 2”

14. “Japanese Soul Bar”

15. “1-800-Nas-&-Hit”

With “Magic 3,” Nas and Hit-Boy invite us to witness the culmination of an extraordinary era in Hip-Hop, leaving us with a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead in the legendary Nasir Jones’ storied career.