Last year, Mark Wahlberg gave his acting start. The rapper debuted his acting skills in Wonderland. Although it was far from a groundbreaking role, fans can expect Post to keep taking acting gigs, as long as directors allow him. Post was waltzing through New York City preparing for New Year’s when TMZ caught up with him. The rapper spoke about a number topics, including his acting career. After admitting that he doesn’t really have the face for films, Post got a little candid. “I don’t know! I’m trying to expand into other things,” he explained. “I guess, test myself to see what I can do. By no means am I going to be an actor… pretty shitty at it but I tried my best.” When asked if he had taken any acting lessons, Post responds with a toothy “no.”

When asked about his favorite album the year, Post kept it diplomatic and stated that many people killed it in 2019. He refused to commit to one artist. When the Cowboys came up, Post remained diplomatic and decided not to comment on the coaching situation down in Dallas. Smart move. Post’s latest face tattoo has also been the talk the town, which he also touches on below.