‘s star power may have got him out a few binds in the past but these days,  As the singer awaits his day in court, he’s facing more allegations from the prosecutors about his alleged conduct inside the jail system. According to The Blast, prosecutors have accused R. Kelly violated prison regulations with unmonitored communication with the outside.

R. Kelly Allegedly Broke Jail Rules With Illegal Communication: Report
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It all started when Kelly tried to file a motion in his recent criminal case demanding to know the names the two Jane Does list in the criminal indictment for his own defense. Prosecutors later argued his history harassment towards his accusers. “At the time his arrest Mr. Kelly was living in a small condominium, working with his longtime producer, without other employees note, and effectively without any income. He had no “enterprise” as the government likes to call his career and his business, RSK Enterprises,” said Kelly’s lawyer.

Prosecutors pointed out an incident a threatening letter sent to an accuser. Kelly’s lawyer said that he doesn’t know how to read or write but the prosecutors said that doesn’t mean he can’t direct others to write it for him. 

In terms unmonitored conversation, they said he took purposeful “steps on multiple occasions to bypass these safeguards. 

In November 2019, the defendant, in contravention prison regulations, used an intermediary to smuggle a letter a third party wrote to him into the detention center where he is currently housed. The letter was marked “Legal” – in an attempt to avoid inspection the correspondence – and was provided to the defendant during a legal visit by an attorney who is not one the defendant’s attorneys record in this case (the “Attorney”) during a visit with the Attorney. Again, it is clear, despite the defendant’s claims to the contrary, that he has methods passing messages between himself and his confederates with no evidence visits or telephone calls between them.

These incidents demonstrate that the defendant has sought out, and likely will continue to seek out, clandestine means communication. It also demonstrates that the defendant has, at his disposal, individuals willing to assist him in bypassing the traditional methods used to monitor the defendant’s communications while incarcerated. In these circumstances, the defendant’s attempt to paint himself as being completely isolated from the outside world and unable to communicate without monitoring such that obstructive conduct would be impossible is simply not credible.

These same documents filed also alleged Kelly