On the night February 25th, LeBron James caught a smooth pass from Alex Caruso in transition and proceeded to take flight . As is the case with many LeBron’s most impressive dunks, the incident was not without victim, and it just so happened to be James’ former Laker teammate Josh Hart who was on the receiving end. 

As if the viral video footage wasn’t enough embarrassment for Hart, LeBron took to instagram after the game to share a couple still shots the dunk. See for yourself:

That’s just not a great look for Hart – and the comment section LeBron’s IG post was quickly filled with jokes about the Pelicans’ guard. Among them, this quip from , “Anybody check on Hart?” Those four, simple words were far and away the most liked comment all, garnering nearly 22,000 ‘likes’ and counting. 

Despite all the skull emojis that LeBron’s dunk and Rihanna’s comment spawned, Hart is still alive and well. In fact, today, March 6th marks his 25th birthday. And in celebration his quarter century, Hart was gifted a brand new hoodie commemorating the comment heard around the world.

It’s always a little bit easier to laugh in the face adversity when it’s Rihanna who is playfully calling you out. Not speaking from experience here, but you get the point. Check out the photos Hart’s Rihanna-inspired hoodie below.

Rihanna’s Quip On LeBron’s IG Post Sparks Josh Hart BDay Gift