Sarz, Skrillex, and Crayon Unite for “Yo Fam!” Single

Sarz, Skrillex, and Crayon Unite for “Yo Fam!” Single

Nigerian music maestro, Sarz, has dropped the highly-anticipated music video for his latest single “Yo Fam!” featuring the renowned dubstep and EDM DJ-producer Skrillex and Nigerian singer/songwriter Crayon. Now available through UnitedMasters, this track is the debut single from Sarz’s forthcoming album, set to hit the airwaves early in 2024.

The music video beautifully complements the song’s rhythm and vibe, capturing the essence of Sarz’s signature afro-fusion style. With a blend of music, dance, fashion, and art, it pays homage to Nigeria’s rich culture, the birthplace of Afrobeats.

The video’s atmospheric production seamlessly transitions from day to night, mirroring the essence of the track, which celebrates life, freedom, and authenticity.


Sarz is the creative genius behind global chart-toppers like Beyoncé’s “Find Your Way Back” and Drake’s “One Dance.” In “Yo Fam!” the video showcases Sarz’s artistic prowess and exceptional production skills while spotlighting the authenticity of those propelling the Afrobeats movement.

With this latest release, Sarz continues to make his mark as a trailblazing figure in the global music scene. Fans can immerse themselves in the captivating visuals and infectious rhythms of “Yo Fam!” while eagerly awaiting the arrival of his upcoming album.