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Metallica Fans Share Their Experiences Meeting Members of Band

Metallica Fans Share Their Experiences Meeting Members of Band

When fans meet their favorite musicians, it’s a moment they’ll remember for the rest of their lives — whether it’s good or bad. Some Metallica fans have shared their experiences meeting the members of the band on Reddit, and they seemed positive for the most part.

There have been a lot of posts on the Metallica Reddit page about meeting the band members, but two in particular were posted in the last few weeks. The users who posted the threads simply asked other fans to detail their experiences so that others can read about them. Some shared stories about meet and greets, others ran into the musicians by chance in public places or at other concerts.

The top comment on one of the threads was written by someone who said they’ve met James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted and Robert Trujillo.

“I randomly ran into James [in 2013], almost literally, on the edge of the pit at a Kvelertak show in San Francisco. He was watching the show near the front so I tried not to bug him too much. I went up to him between songs and told him that Metallica changed my life and was the reason I became a musician. He shook my hand and graciously agreed to a quick pic, which I’ve posted in this sub before,” they wrote, adding that they had positive experiences with the other three rockers as well.

Another fan noted that they met Hetfield at one of the Big 4 shows in 2011, and asked whether the songs on the Beyond Magnetic EP would ever be released. A few months later, the EP came out.

“So, I like to think that I helped instigate its release at the end of that year,” they concluded.

“Met Jason through the MetClub back in ’97. Said nice to meet you and asked him how he was doing as he signed my AJFA. He said, ‘Not great, man.’ I didn’t know how to respond so I said nothing lol,” another fan shared, noting that the experience was awkward.

The newest thread was posted yesterday (Oct. 1) by a fan who said they’ve never met anyone from Metallica, but wants to meet Hetfield in particular.

“Used to run into James and his family semi-frequently when he lived in Novato California always seem like a really nice guy and would take time to talk and take pictures of fans,” someone commented. “Personally I did what I always do with celebrities which is kind of give them a head nod and a smile like I know who you are but I’m not going to bother you.”

One individual claimed they got to jam with Ron McGovney, who played bass in Metallica for a little over a year from late 1981 until late ’82.

“Ron moved to a town about two hours away from me after he left Metallica. I don’t wanna give out too much info but he lives pretty close to the beach and I go down there a few times a year. Last year i was wearing a pair of Metallica board shorts and a Kill ‘Em All shirt at a bar, and he was sitting in the corner drinking jack and coke,” they detailed.

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“He was at least a little bit wasted and came over to talk to me about being in Metallica. we kinda hit it off and I mentioned that I was a rhythm guitarist in a local band, and he said that we should jam while I’m still in town. I went over to his house the next day with my King V and we just played together for about an hour, no specific songs, just playing around… I’m still friends with his wife on facebook and we’ve talked about him coming on stage to play a Metallica cover with my band.”

You can read the full discussion on both threads out by clicking on them below. If you haven’t met the members of Metallica yet, we hope it’s a joyous experience when you do!

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