The art fast rap goes by many names, be it “double-time flow” or the more condescending “rappity-rap.” A far cry from the formative flows hip-hop’s birth in 1973. In the years that followed, artists like Jaz-O, -N-Harmony, , and began experimenting with their tempo, developing a style built on speed and stamina. In recent years, and Eminem , likewise have Tory Lanez and , who recently reached hyperspeed on a remix ‘s “Suge.” In truth, many technicians have tried their hand but only one has left The Game awestruck. 

The Game Bedazzled By Meek Mill's Fast Rapping Ability

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“Meek Mill rap so fast I feel like n***s be missing the bars…. don’t @ me !!!!!” writes Game, Twitter. It’s unclear as to what song prompted this particular revelation; while Meek’s pace is generally lively, he’s rarely seen in the greater fast-rap discourse. And yet The Game felt compelled to pay respect to Meek’s dexterity all the same simultaneously sparking a new debate in the process: Is Meek Mill’s flow underrated?
My how far they’ve come. While it’s cool to see Game admire Meek’s craftmanship, one has to worry about his safety. If he hears a song from Twista, Tech N9ne, Tonedeff, Busta Rhymes, or Eminem, it’s possible his head might explode entirely.