has always stirred the pot by name-dropping fellow celebrities in his music. Last Friday, , and while some might consider it to be more tame than his previous releases, there are still moments that possess shock value. On “Marsh”, Shady gets ears to perk up when he name-drops Trippie Redd. While he doesn’t seem to send any serious shots, he associates the 20-year-old rapper with drug use. “Then he said kill MCs/Trippie Redd, with pills and lean/Sipping meds in the limousine/Getting head, guillotine,” he raps. 

Trippie has now responded to this mention, but he is not up in arms over it. In a black-screen IG story, he wrote: “N****s be 50 beefing wit a 15yr old.” While Eminem name-drops have resulted in heated beefs in the past,  Trippie shows no interest in entering that territory. 

Trippie Redd Reacts To Being Name-dropped On Eminem's "Music To Be Murdered By"

The feud between Eminem and escalated in 2018, but after hearing that he is referenced twice on Music To Be Murdered By (“Unaccommodating”, “Yah Yah”), . He tweeted, “mad af I just stepped out a loud room to hear this bullshit,” and then clarified what bullshit he was referring to with a follow-up tweet: “he’s been rich and mad for 20 years straight”. 

Em’s new album has also incited reactions from ,  and the .