There were the “#OscarsSoWhite” protest and the complaints over the years that the Academy Awards’ lack diversity is a problem in Hollywood. Entertainers have spoken openly about how they believe the Academy has snubbed actors, filmmakers, and movies considered to be ” color,” but if you ask Tyler Perry about the controversy, he’ll let you know that he doesn’t want any part it as he minds his business in the ATL.

Tyler Perry Avoids Oscars Diversity Talk: "I Don't Want To Focus On It"
Paul R. Giunta / Stringer / Getty s

The studio head caught up with CBS This Morning last week to chat about his recently released Netflix thriller A Fall From Grace., but when questioned about the Oscars, he didn’t care to get involved.

“,” he said. “But I don’t have an opinion it either way. Whereas I said before, build your own table so that you don’t have to keep asking someone to sit at theirs. I think that the Academy has tried to invite more people color into the voting process.”

With his hands up in the air as a sign retreat, Perry added, “. I don’t even want to focus on it. God bless ’em. I wanna let it go and I want to encourage everybody else to be owners, entrepreneurs that take the bull by the horns, become more producers, writers, and direct themselves.” Check out his clip below.