WATCH: Burna Boy Details ‘I Told Them…’ Album with Apple Music 1

WATCH: Burna Boy Details ‘I Told Them…’ Album with Apple Music 1


Nigerian sensation Burna Boy prepares for the imminent release of his seventh album, I Told Them…, with an in-depth conversation alongside Zane Lowe in New York City.

The discussion touches on the album’s creation and Burna’s path to his current global triumph. The artist delves into the significance of numerology and the album’s theme of the “12 jewels to a happy life,” shedding light on what distinguishes this upcoming project. With anticipation building for the album’s release, Burna Boy’s insights offer fans a glimpse into his creative process and his unique perspective on life and success.

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“It kind of showed me exactly the way I wanted to express what I was feeling and what my unit was feeling,” Burna Boy said of the album. “The spirit of my unit. Just put that in because this is every day. This is a side where people don’t really get to see because I don’t really care for anyone to see. I have fun with it like this. But I felt like this time, this is a way… How do I put it? A more understandable way to pass that feeling and that energy across.


“And at the same time, showing you that’s… Not you. Showing everyone, really, that the combination of worlds is something that we haven’t really capitalized on. Because at the end of the day, once we’re all unified, everything else, the fruits of that just take care of everything.”

Burna Boy is getting ready to hit the world with his latest hits collection. After releasing the tracklist, fans now know J. Cole will join the Nigerian star on the album. Also joining Burna Boy will be Dave, 21, Savage, and Byron Messia, among others.

You can see the tracklist below.