[WATCH] Dreamville’s Bas Returns with New Single and Video “Diamonds”

[WATCH] Dreamville’s Bas Returns with New Single and Video “Diamonds”


Bas is back. The Dreamville emcee has released his new single and video, “Diamonds.”

The single brings the harmonies that Bas can easily infuse into his singles, while his verses blend the pain of success and a sense of achievement. The new video opens with Bas in a state of haze, partially submerged in water on a set of couches as a neon woman circles the area. The moment is evident in the video as Bas struggles with partying and the allure of a great time before being strangled next to the woman, only for it to be all viewed in front of a group of people who aimlessly watched the death. A conviction of society, they all seem to pull their camera phones.

Speaking with Complex, Bas revealed his message in “Diamonds” :


“‘Diamonds’ stems from the stark realization that, as artists in the public light, our pains and traumas are consistently up for the public’s consumption. We have to continually explore and give more of ourselves to feed the insatiable appetite of the audience. We experience and watch our peers go through life-altering and irrevocably damaging moments that just end up as clickbait or social media fodder. We make public appearances and wear masks in order to be who the public wants us to be. Shine bright for them. Yet our inner turmoils just fester underneath it all. The trappings of the life we chose, the dreams we pursue can oftentimes be the cause of our downfall.”

You can see the new video below.

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