It was mere months ago that  at Shawn Carter Foundation’s Charity Gala with Jay-Z, but it looks like  didn’t set Gotti back too much. The rapper recently shared some footage his brand new mansion, showing f the purchase in an Instagram post and on his story.

“Don’t Ever Let Someone Tell You Hard Work Don’t Pay Off ????#NewHouseAlert #StraitghtOutTheProjects #CMG,” he wrote in the caption the post. In the video, Gotti takes his followers on a tour his massive pool and bar area in his backyard, narrating along the way. In the clips on his stories, Gotti paints a picture how far he’s come. As he films his pool lit up with pink, blue, and green lights, he recalls how he “used to have to jump people’s fences just to hit the pool, go to other neighbourhoods and…have to sneak to get in the pool.”

Yo Gotti Shows Off New Mansion Two Months After Gambling Away $500KArturo Holmes/Getty s

In a recent interview, Gotti discussed his passion for real estate and how his collection houses accumulated. “Real estate was one the first things I was doing. I kinda like mistakenly fell into that,” he shared. “I bought a house early in my career, and in my head, it was like, ‘If everything goes wrong, I own this one house.'” However, things started to pick up quickly from there. , I started buying more houses,” he revealed. “I would buy a house, and try to buy a house every month.” This hobby sorts was not a result any formal training, though. “I didn’t have education or information about real estate at the time,” Gotti shared. “I learned after I bought a few houses, and then I kind fell in love with the rehabbing the houses and fixing them up and just the whole process and turned it into a business.” The Roc Nation artist recently wrote , which ultimately resulted in