Young Dolph’s Life Partner Mia Jaye Wishes She Could Sing Him Happy Birthday: ‘I’ll Just Sing Up to Heaven’

Young Dolph’s Life Partner Mia Jaye Wishes She Could Sing Him Happy Birthday: ‘I’ll Just Sing Up to Heaven’

Young Dolph’s life partner Mia Jaye celebrates the late rapper’s life on Instagram on what would have been his 38th birthday. Jaye mentions wishing she could sing Happy Birthday to her love.

“If I could sing happy birthday to my man, God knows I would,” Jaye wrote. “But I’ll just sing up to heaven…Happy Heavenly 38th Birthday boo.”

Thursday (July 27) would have been the 38th birthday of Young Dolph. The late rapper, entrepreneur, and visionary of Paper Route Empire leaves behind a legacy filled with classic bangers and moments that fans will cherish forever. In celebration, The SOURCE salutes Young Dolph a Happy Heavenly Birthday and recalls some of his most iconic fan moments.


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Young Dolph Gives Away Lamborghini to a Fan

in 2020, Dolph was releasing his Rich Slave album. In promotion, he gave away a Lamborghini to a lucky fan. “THEM: ‘Dolph not gonna give away his Lamborghini, why would he do that?’” he wrote on Instagram. “ME: ‘BECAUSE I GOT THE BEST FANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD.’”

The fan would meet Dolph and also receive the Lambo, which the fan turned around and sold. Once the fan flipped the car for cash, Young Dolph hopped on IG with a simple message: “GET PAID.”

Dolph Mentors Troubled Youth, Who Asks to Go To the Trap House

By court mandate, Young Dolph had to spend time with a youth whose mom stated he was acting out and stealing. One ot capture his life for socials, Dolph showed the time spent with the kid and gave fans a laugh by revealing the kid asked to make a visit to the trap house instead of a mansion.


Young Dolph – Family First

Fans of Young Dolph know he was a family man. Over the years, moments of Dolph sharing time with his family would hit the Internet. A couple of those precious moments are below.


Betting on Himself: Young Dolph Turns Down $22 Million

Would you turn down a $22 million record deal? Young Dolph did. The Memphis legend hit Instagram in 2018 and revealed independence was more important to him. “This ain’t none of that rap sht. None of that super cap sht. You niggas get offered a million dollars — you gone sign your life away, your mama life away, daddy life away, every f**kin body life away.”