11 Rock + Metal Artists You Won’t Find on Spotify

What rock and metal bands aren't on Spotify? Were they removed from the ubiquitous music streaming service, or were they never there from the start? Because Spotify doesn't quite have everything.

There are, of course, many reasons an artist's catalog could be unavailable on Spotify. And not just because of ethical reasons, such as the stance Neil Young took against the platform last month.

Though ethics often play a part, especially since Spotify has come under scrutiny for how it pays recording artists, as Rolling Stone once reported.

But there are plenty of other reasons why some music doesn't make its way to Spotify, though it's becoming less the case for releases by major bands. Longtime streaming holdouts including Led Zeppelin and Tool finally allowed their catalogs to stream within the last 10 years. (In the non-rock sphere, Garth Brooks and Joanna Newsom still refuse to be on Spotify.)

But we aren't talking about those artists. We want to know what's fallen through the cracks, or has gone missing from the service. Spotify only hosts a fraction of the music that's ever been recorded and released — but even focusing on just the last 40 years in rock and metal, there are several omissions.

Some caveats: The below information was up to date as of this posting, but what's streaming on Spotify can and does change. Further, this list only considers what's available now on Spotify in the United States, and different territories can have distinct libraries.

That said, keep scrolling down to see 11 bands that aren't on Spotify at present. Maybe you'll also think of a few artists missing from the app.

11 Rock + Metal Bands You Won’t Find on Spotify

Spotify doesn’t have everything, even when you’re just looking at rock music from the last handful of decades. To that end, here are 11 rock and metal groups you can’t currently stream on Spotify.

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